About Us

TRAP is For The People!

Welcome to Trap Law University (TLU), a dynamic and innovative social enterprise located in Newark, New Jersey, with a mission to bridge the gap between legal knowledge and marginalized individuals who may lack access to traditional legal resources. Run by a licensed New Jersey Attorney known as The Trap Lawyer, ...

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Empower Yourself, Know The Law

Trap Law University is the first of its kind by far, however, here at Trap Law University (TLU), we believe that what sets us apart from our traditional Law School - type - competitor is our approach to legal education. We combine elements of hip-hop culture, black history, and a revolutionary spirit to make ...

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Legal Mastery for All, Breaking Barriers

(TLU) recognized an urgent need for accessible legal education that was tailored and relevant to our marginalized and underprivileged communities. Traditional legal resources often seemed distant, complex, and unattainable for those who needed them the most, and so we are determined to bridge this gap!

Our ...

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